We should talk

You've looked at the clock 8 times in the last hour. Another long day at the office. Time to leave soon. Remember what it felt like when you landed your current role? The passion and pride you had. And now? Well it's a job, the salary is ok, your colleagues are friendly enough, but you're spending far too much time in your car driving to and from the office. The work/life balance is leaning far too much towards work and not enough life. The coding and engineering that you do has become a 'been there, done that' story as opposed to a challenge. Your boss is the definition of 'chaos'. But you have been keeping your eyes open, looking for your next adventure. You're very smart and extremely ambitious. You've made up your mind, you want something else, something to bring back the energy. We should talk.

The new way forward

We're ascode, and we are building a new kind of company, one that puts people first. And we're on the lookout for new colleagues who love to build and automate cloud infrastructures to help our customers be successful with their cloud native ambitions. Our mission: to practice engineering excellence while building a company that people actually want to work for.


Balance is better

Our goal is to make doing the work we love to do a bit more balanced, and a bit more fun. We foster an inclusive environment that allows our people to succeed, to work hard and play hard, and to be as sustainable as possible. We firmly believe that when people are treated right, they treat the outside world right. Happy people lead to happy customers, not the other way around.

Work hard, Play hard

We seek to create a more modern and safe environment for those that choose to work with us. One that clearly focuses on the people, their success and well being. In our offices, and in our benefit packages, you will not find all the usual trappings to 'strategically encourage' our people to live at the office. Working hard is fine, but to be productive you also need a healthy mind and body. Work hard, play hard, exercise, enjoy, rest, love, take enough true downtime...and great results will follow.


Do you DevOps?

We are looking for Developers that get Ops, and Ops that get Development (you know, DevOps). We don't really care where you went to school, or how many years you've been working in the industry, or even that much about where you have worked. What we do care about is who you are and what you can do - together with your colleagues at ascode and with our customers.

Our open positions

Do these statements apply to you? You have Cloud Native combined with Security in your DNA. You work well under a 'take work' mentality, aka not requiring a boss to tell you what to do everyday. You own what you pick up, and you get shit done. You are innovative and not afraid to fail. You can take a punch, but also deliver one. You possess some form of a sense of humour. Are we ticking the right boxes yet? Then check out our open positions and let us know if one interests you.