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While it may appear that we are just beginning, in reality we've been thinking about and working towards this for the last 15 years!


Erik Christiaans and Sean Bovaird become colleagues at a then little known company called Schuberg Philis. Building and managing large mission-critical infrastructures for serious companies. DevOps culture, well before the term ‘DevOps’ had even been coined. Public cloud has yet to be born, however Amazon is busy preparing the launch of S3 and EC2 .


Erik and Sean, together with 2 other colleagues, start LayerThree. Focused on the design, build and management of business-critical infrastructures and applications for the Netherlands MKB market segment. Accelerated growth quickly follows. FD Gazellen nomination 3 years running for being one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. In 2015, LayerThree is acquired by Sentia. AWS launches but only exists as a few core services. Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are still a pipedream.


A new year, a new decade, a new start(up)! Ascode is born. Public cloud adoption is no longer a ‘future thought’ but an active part of ‘business-critical’ for most companies. But some age-old problems still exist, along with some new ones.

Skilled resources are a challenge to find. Many public cloud initiatives fail because they do not deliver on the promises. Designing for resilience, redundancy, scalability and security are often overlooked because those who are now building these cloud infrastructures have not had the experiences of times past. Along with a rather worrying theme that is heard all too often - that building and automating public cloud infrastructures is simple.

Making it easier to do things the right way in the public cloud

Ascode designs, builds and operates cloud infrastructure with a strong focus on automation and security, which can be 'versioned' by using automation and CI/CD. Tooling in the pipeline takes care of code quality scanning, compliance, and testing for security and compliance. Many companies are already engaged in the (public) cloud, and most are using some form of automation. But they fail to start their cloud journey correctly, pay limited attention to security and compliance, and run the risk of their cloud costs running out of control. Remember, the work done beforehand is usually more valuable than the actual build of an infrastructure.

We solve these problems with our public cloud 'Landing Zone Framework.' This framework covers all the things that are required to be done or thought about before deploying applications onto cloud infrastructure. Once implemented, applications can be deployed using a CI/CD pipeline that fully covers code compliance, DTAP, security testing and provides reusable building blocks, with an eye focused on cost management.

We take pride in being open and transparent with our customers about the pros and cons of their cloud journey. Tough decisions will need to be taken. We will, of course, make smart recommendations and provide different paths to follow. There is no 'one' way to build a cloud-native infrastructure. Multiple platforms and toolsets exist. We will bring the choices, along with strong opinions on which option is the right course for you.

Our Values

Work Hard. Take Pride. Be Kind (and human, and honest, and transparent….). Exceed Expectations.

Our Founders.

Meet the guys that started this.

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Erik Christiaans

Head Of Tech

Automate everything. Never ever compromise on quality. Security is everyone's responsibility. Loves to BBQ.

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Sean Bovaird

Head of Operations

DevOps is nothing more nor less than unifying the making of things with the running of things - and not doing it alone.

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